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Hi there!

Hi, I'm Yair, a high school student from Toronto with a keen interest in computer engineering and its various aspects. Besides my love for coding and software, I also have an interest for graphic design and hardware engineering.

In addition to my love for technology and design, I am also interested in sports, striving to play it at a collegiate level.

Below are highlights of some of projects I have developed over the past few years.


Hello World! (1st Place BluesHacks Project)

January 2024

Hello World was developed to bridge communication gaps for the hearing-impaired. This tool translates sign language input from video to audio or text, and can also convert audio/text to animated sign language, offering a more dynamic and effective communication solution than traditional methods.

Hello World employs a mix of JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, SCSS, and leverages libraries like Node.js, Angular.js, and JQuery, along with TensorFlow, Firebase, and openpose. The application integrates APIs and datasets such as Google's CLD3 and WLASL, supplemented with extensions like Mediapipe and Bergamot Translation. The development journey involved overcoming challenges like slow processing, high latency issues, unoptimized hardware, display bugs, library dependencies, and limited browser compatibility.

Despite these hurdles, the Hello World team's achievements are commendable. They successfully integrated multiple complex components under tight deadlines, showcasing their technical skill and determination. This project represents more than a technological feat; it's a symbol of technology's potential for social impact, particularly in education and healthcare. Looking ahead, the team plans to enhance Hello World's efficiency, add multilingual support, user customization options, and implement automatic input for more natural conversations, reflecting their commitment to continuous innovation and inclusivity.

You can try it out here and check out the Devpost here.

Verbate (1st Place MakeUC Project)

December 2023

Verbate is a web app designed to improve public speaking and interview skills using simulated conversations and text-to-speech feedback. Inspired by the team's personal challenges with public speaking, it offers a free, personalized platform to practice and develop communication skills, with adjustable difficulty and styles.

Verbate is inspired by the team's personal challenges in public speaking, particularly Anton's experience, leading to the creation of a free tool for students to practice and improve their speaking skills. It's a web app that simulates real conversations, offers feedback, and helps users develop confidence and eloquence in speaking. Built using Node.js, Next.js, and React, with GPT-4 and Amazon AWS Polly, Verbate overcame challenges like refining the AI feedback system and ensuring user-friendly design. Despite difficulties with microphone recording and app performance, the team is proud of creating a fully functional app that aids in skill development, accessible globally at no cost.

The team learned extensively about AI and natural language processing, the importance of effective team communication and planning, and the value of a user-centered approach in app development. Future plans for Verbate include advanced AI feedback on tone and sentiment, user analytics, integration with video, multilingual support, and a feedback feature, aiming to make it a comprehensive tool for interview and public speaking practice. This journey in developing Verbate has been both a valuable learning experience and a potential boon for users worldwide, with the team inviting others to try out their creation through GitHub.

You can check out the Devpost page here.

HandPilot (YRHacks 1st Place Project)

April 2023

Created for the YRHacks 2023 hackathon, this project was designed to help people with disabilities to have an easy way to control their computer using any camera and the movements of their hand.

Built using Python and libraries such as OpenCV, Mediapipe, and Pyinput, HandPilot offers a new way to interact with technology that can be especially helpful for people who have difficulty using traditional input devices. With potential future developments to include movement with other objects and keyboard control, HandPilot has the potential to make technology even more accessible for all users.

You can check out the Devpost here.


September 2023

WealthCare is a revolutionary personal financial tool that leverages advanced AI, including GPT-4, to provide users with a unique, interactive way to manage and understand their finances. It offers features like detailed financial statement analysis, intuitive visualizations of spending patterns, conversational spending reports, and AI-driven predictive savings suggestions, aiming to simplify and enhance personal financial management.

You can check out the Devpost here.

Project Auralis Game Engine

March 2022

An unfinished hackathon project made with the objective to make a fully featured first person shooter game playable in a browser. The project was abandonded due to the complexity and the time restraint but the game engine was (mostly) finished and public to view.

You can check out the game here.

Project Auralis Project Auralis

TSSclub Social Media App

December 2021

A fully featured Social Media platform made for my school.

Never got implemented due to logistic issues but had fully furnished Android, IOS as well as Web App available for production as well as a fully secured backend created with SanityDB.

You can check out the website here.

This represents just a small selection of the projects I have worked on over the years. I have many more pieces of personal, school and competition work.


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