Hi there, I’m


Hi there!

My name is Yair. I am a high school student residing in Vaughan, Ontario. I have a passion for computer science and all of its fields. I also have a strong knack for for visual design and hardware engineering.

In addition to my love for technology and design, I am also interested in sports, striving to play it at a college level.

Below are highlights of some of projects I have developed over my years of experience.


Project VSAP (JamHacks V Project)


Before the Pandemic, a group of members from a team and I combined our efforts in a 24 Hour Hackathon to create a web tool that Logs, Tracks and Identifies Vaccinations for Users during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

After realizing the massive increase of vaccines being distrubuted in Canada, as well as vaccines now being distributed to children, we saw that there is no proper system to log and identify people with the vaccine. As more and more places are being openned up, there is an increasing need for an open and easy to use system for consumers and owners to show and read vaccination data.

Our Program consisted of a modern UI with a dashboard and a login system, a fully furnished backend with a MySQL Library to secure and hold all user login and vaccination info, secure SHA-256 Encryption for all data as well as a custom QR Code creator for all vaccine info.

Project VSAP is made to solve all issues related to COVID19 Vaccination identification

You can check out the Devpost page here.



Created for the YRHacks 2023 hackathon, this project was designed to help people with disabilities to have an easy way to control their computer using any camera and the movements of their hand.

Built using Python and libraries such as OpenCV, Mediapipe, and Pyinput, HandPilot offers a new way to interact with technology that can be especially helpful for people who have difficulty using traditional input devices. With potential future developments to include movement with other objects and keyboard control, HandPilot has the potential to make technology even more accessible for all users.

You can check out the Devpost here.

TSSclub Social Media App


A fully featured Social Media platform made for my school.

Never got implemented due to logistic issues but had fully furnished Android, IOS as well as Web App available for production as well as a fully secured backend created with SanityDB.

You can check out the website here.

DUAL (Project for AhoyHacks)


Dual is a fun game that strives to help you improve your typing ability, accuracy, speed as well as consistency.

You can check out the game here.

DTC Authentication Exploit Tool


A CUI utility that demonstrates how authorization APIs can be taken advantage of.


Proect Auralis Game Engine


An unfinished hackathon project made with the objective to make a fully featured first person shooter game playable in a browser. The project was abandonded due to the complexity and the time restraint but the game engine was (mostly) finished and public to view.

You can check out the game here.

Project Auralis Project Auralis

This represents just a small selection of the projects I have worked on over the years. I have many more pieces of personal, school and competition work.


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